The Corgus Sector is occupied by several different factions, many with their own sub-factions, and possibly many more beyond the known sectors.

The Imperium of ManEdit

A Galaxy-spanning empire, the Imperium of Man struggles to maintain their crumbling hold upon the stars. Many leaders fear the day when the alliances that hold the Imperium together fail. Systems of the Imperium of Man:

The Adeptus MechanicusEdit

  • Strongholds
  • Fleet
    • Estimated 20-30 warships

The Adepta SororitasEdit

The Imperial NavyEdit

  • Strongholds
  • Fleet
    • Battlefleet Paxia: 70+ ships
    • Battlefleet Corgus: 15 Escorts and 3 Cruisers

Labado CouncilEdit

  • Stronghold
  • Fleet
    • 6+ merchant vessels

The Forces of ChaosEdit

There have been no confirmed sightings of the forces of Chaos in the Corgus Sector, though the taint of Chaos is known to fester unnoticed.

  • Strongholds
  • Fleet

Rogue Trader DynastiesEdit

Vesoni DynastyEdit

Seriam DynastyEdit

Ingysus DynastyEdit

Honucia DynastyEdit

Denastus DynastyEdit

Joangar DynastyEdit

Monranver DynastyEdit

Ardyl DynastyEdit

Celentis DynastyEdit

  • Celentis System
  • 3 Escorts
  • 2 Transports

Lesser DynastiesEdit

Barbaross Dynasty