One of three survivors of the first squad Percius Aurex joined as a pirate, Keller has risen through the armsmen ranks beside Aurex. A void-born pirate, he has only set foot upon a planet twice: a raid upon an agri-world and a visit to the world Caseblanco. A skilled combatant and budding tactician, Keller has a minor obsession with stories of Sly Marbo. Much to the annoyance of Percius Aurex at times.

Currently serving as the Master-at-Arms of Percius Aurex's Crew aboard the Le Chapeau Noir.


WS BS Str T Agi Int Per Wil Fel
45 45 46 40 35 25 35 25 25


  • Athletics (Strength)
  • Awareness (Perception)
  • Command (Fellowship)
  • Common Lore (Intelligence)
    • Sly Marbo
    • War
  • Forbidden Lore (Intelligence)
    • Pirates
  • Intimidate (Strength)
  • Linguistics (Intelligence)
    • Low Gothic
    • Pirate Cant
  • Parry (Weapon Skill)


  • Arms Master
    • May use untrained weapons at -10 penalty instead of -20. Does not apply to Exotic weapons.
  • Combat Master
    • Opponents fighting the character in hand-to-hand combat gain no bonuses for Ganging Up
  • Heightened Senses
    • Sight: +10 to all sight-based Awareness Tests
  • Iron Jaw
    • Character may ignore effects of being Stunned with Toughness Test
  • Peer: Pirates
  • Weapon Training
    • Melee
    • Las
    • Solid Projectile
    • Explosives
  • Void-Born
    • This character ignores penalties for low or null gravity.


  • Lasgun
  • Laspistol
  • Mono-Blade Sword
  • Carapace Armored Void Suit

Personal StashEdit

  • Wealth: 1
  • Collection of Sly Marbo propaganda, books, and posters.