Percius Aurex is a newly minted pirate captain of Captain Ghallager Wilson's wolfpack, and the PC of Privateer Quest II. Formerly the 14th son of a noble family, he fled that life in search of adventure and to escape his status as a political pawn in 325.M41

His CrewShip, Contacts, and armsmen.


WS BS S T Agi Int Per Wil Fel
45 45 32 31 31 40 31 31 32


  • Awareness (Perception)
  • Charm (Fellowship)
  • Common Lore (Intelligence)
    • Imperium
    • Imperial Creed
    • Ecclesiarchy
    • Imperial Navy
    • Imperial Guard
    • Adeptus Arbites
  • Deceive (Fellowship)
  • Forbidden Lore (Intelligence)
    • Pirates
  • Linguistics (Intelligence)
    • [Home Planet]
    • High Gothic
    • Low Gothic
    • Pirate Cant
  • Master and Commander
    • +10 to Command Tests for voidship operation
  • Scholastic Lore (Intelligence)
    • Bureaucracy
    • Imperial Creed
    • Judgement
  • Scrutiny (Perception)
  • Survival (Perception)
    • Cold Weather


  • Weapon Training:
    • Las
    • Solid Projectile
    • Blade [non-chain melee]
  • Imprived Quick Draw
    • May draw pistols as a free action.
    • Critical rolls [natural 1-5] while drawing and firing pistols allow the shooter to choose the location struck by their shot. [limit of 1 hit]
  • Close-Quarters-Marksman
    • May fire a pistol in Combat at full BS if opponent is at arm's length [normally half BS]
  • Peer: Pirates

Hat CollectionEdit

Hat-skull attending to your Millinery needs! Hat-skull will automatically attend to your hats' daily maintenance, fetch hats upon your request, and may itself wear a hat.

  • Captain's Hat [Equipped]
  • Plain Pirate's hat [Stored]
  • Iron Monk's Fairly Fancy Mitre [Stored]
    • This hat unfortunately has a bit of a hole in the bottom of the back side, and was well filled and coated in cooked brain matter, skull fragments and blood. Cleaning has only removed most of the stains.
    • You would likely look exceedingly silly in this hat, due to it's heavy decoration in the symbols of the Ministorium and Iron Monks.
  • Strange Beret
    • Recovered from a portion of destroyed cruiser in Vectes, this dark blue hat has a strange patch upon it 
  • Dusty Leather Mining Cap
    • Complete with a micro-lamp upon the top of the brim
  • First Lieutenant Rebin Periun's Hat

Carried EquipmentEdit

  • Laspistol 
  • Concealed Power Knife [Gift from Older Sister]
  • Questionable Hellpistol
    • This Hellpistol was damaged and repaired, leaving it unreliable.
  • Power Sword 

Carried LootEdit

  • Captain's Ring
    • plain, plasteel ring

Personal Armory [Captain's Quarters]Edit

  • Carapace Armored Void Suit
  • Lucius Pattern Hellgun
    • This Hellpistol draws power from a 10kg power pack normally carried upon the user's back.
  • moderately ornate Laspistol and Navy-Issue holster
  • Iron Monk's Staff
    • A book of litanies and symbol of the Iron Monks form the head of this staff.
  • Mono-Blade Sword

Stored Loot [Captain's Quarters]Edit

  • A first edition copy of of 'Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes, by Hive-Bishop Fidorius Pax' [Heresy?]
  • A purse containing dozens of precious gems [Key to Secure Containers]
  • Golden Aquila necklace  [Key to Secure Containers]
  • Iron symbol of the Iron Monks  [Code to Secure Containers]
    • Decorated with several precious gems
  • Cryptex from Percius' Father
    • Contains some sort of unidentified map passed through the Aurex generations

Captain's StashEdit

  • Wealth: 311.2 (314.4 with bars)
    • Gold bars: 1 (0.5 Wealth)
    • Silver bars: 24 (1.7 Wealth)
  • Unidentified booze: 9 bottles
  • Luxury Rations: 1 Month [Reserve, Stasis]
  • 5 Secure Cargo Containers [3 Small, Empty] [3x3x3m]
    • Bear the mark of the Iron Monks [locking mechanism]
  • 7 Secure Cargo Container [Medium, Empty] [6x6x6m]
    • Bear the mark of the Iron Monks [locking mechanism]

Smuggler's Stasis HoldEdit

  • Void Hardened Cutting Torches: 13
  • Small Stasis Crates: 3
  • Protheran Centenial Wine: 9 dozen bottles of 300.M41