Pirate and Trader ContactsEdit

Lord Gallagher Wilson's WolfpackEdit


  • Signor Ferrari - a major player in the renegade world's illegal trade and and information broker
  • Baxtor Millinery - Run by a aged couple, this Millinery contained Percius' first Captain hat.


  • 'Nan' Pendert - Information broker that originally helped Percius Aurex leave his home world. A sweet old lady.

Rogue TradersEdit

Kerr DynastyEdit

Celentis DynastyEdit

  • Lord Antonius Edgar Celentis - Holder of the Dynasty's warrant and employer of elder sister, Selenti Aurex.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

  • Captain Jack Bolton - Captain of a sprint trader that escaped the clutches of Percius Aurex's pirating attempts
  • Kerit Periun - An information broker and member of the ever-troublesome Periun family.

Contacts Gained as 'Dorn Menexel'Edit

  • Lord Commissar Edward Hugh - Part of Battlefleet Paxia's Commissariat. Offered possible work for the Imperial Navy at Steward's Gate.
  • First Lieutenant Rebin Periun - One of the ranking gunnery officers upon the Sword-Class Frigate 'Xiliam Sente', part of patrol group 'Torchbearer'.