Put your brilliant (or not so brilliant) long term plans here for easy reference.

Random Anon Meta Plans!Edit

1) We're in the past, eh? New goal: become the great-grandparent of the protagonist from the original quest.

  • I am MachineSpirit and this is my favorite plan ever

2) Establish a Secret Station within the Corgus Sector. It shall contain the greatest Hat Manufactorium The Imperium has ever Not Seen....

  • Why only have one hat made when we can make them all?

3) Find the remains of the ship 'Verdent Ethos', The last known location of Vordan Galia and his now unclaimed Rogue Trader Warrent.

  • With this, we can ride into any normal port and fence our latest Haul...

UPDATE: Rumors suggest that the Verdent Ethos is somewhere within an asteroid field near Vorbis in the Corgus Sector.

UPDATE: Rumors suggest that Eldar may have been involved in the loss of the Verdent Ethos.

4)Establish a partnership with Captain Morix.

  • What better way to get goods than though a Merchant? Being a pirate too makes things easier

OBJECTIVE: Find a Transport ship with which to 'swap out' for her current Raider.

Scribe Skull's List of Interesting ThingsEdit

  • Ciphered Letters on Captain's Desk [Partially decoded. Menexel picked up a cargo for Alexander Kerr, Captain Aurex delivered the cargo]
  • Folkvangr and possible ransom of the Sororitas to Alexander Kerr
  • Two possible facilities in asteroid clusters around Vectes
  • Your sister Alica has given you a small black box with a Cryptex and a note from your father. "Father wanted to give you this, he just... never found the words" What an ass.

NPC's Task ListEdit

  • Identify those Bottles of Booze
  • Set up a pirate base
  • Fence those Nebula Sapphires
  • Become Lord of the Wolfpack
  • Impersonate a Iron Monk at least once